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Glotan Research Services Limited is established by seasoned experts that have considerable years of experience in providing world-class services in the research subsector. The company, fully registered as a Nigerian-based research company, focuses on organizing high-quality conferences, research, and scholarship programmes. It prides itself for providing quality and reliable research services such as organizing of academic conferences and seminars (in-person and online forms), publication of conference proceedings, and the exportation and importation of academic journals in and out of Nigeria, and across the globe. Glotan Research Services Limited’s proficiency include organizing scientific cum technical research events, as well as supporting developmental programmes.

With a proven operational record in Nigeria, we offer affordable and cost-effective high-quality research services including publication of academic treatises and supporting academic writing skill development. We have a proven track record in the procurement, exportation, and importation of educational materials, evidenced-based publications, and well-researched outputs and journals across Africa and the world. As a knowledge production-focused company, Glotan Research Services Limited has records of supporting the writing of grant-winning research proposals, monographs, and scientific reports. We aid research works to get published in high-ranking accredited journal outlets with a torch of difference by hosting seasoned article reviewers that help fashion academic papers into standardized format.  Our productivity record makes us rank among the best in Nigeria.

Conference At The University of Lagos, Nigeria

The conference took place 16-19 November 2022

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Why Patronize Glotan Research Services Limited?

  • We offer support in achieving your desired timely publication of academic research works, conference proceedings, and seminar papers through the proven strategies of our experienced reviewers.
  • Your research works and treatises can reach more potential audiences and readers through our proven reputable publication outlets.
  • We have tools for conferences or seminars (in-person and online) to help present scientific research works to the public, report research findings or outputs and connect/collaborate with other scholars across Africa and the global community to enable maximum interaction and networking.
  • We have proven world-class experience and record in grant-awarded proposals and organizing credible scholarship award programmes on behalf of international agencies, public organizations, corporate outfits and notable NGOs.


5, Unity avenue, Ilasamaja, Mushin, Lagos, Nigeria.

+2348038143045 | +2348101137895

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